Wedding Expo – April 2011

A definite MUST ATTEND for every bride to be!!

At first I thought it was not necessary for me to go, because I already knew what I wanted as a dress, jewellery, decor, colours, theme, invites, favours etc.. etc.. 🙂

I decided to go anyway and I was NOT dissapointed! My mother, grandmother and sister joined me on the 10th of April 2011 at the Coca-Dola Dome.

Although non of the wedding dresses (and there were plenty!!) was near anything I had envisioned, I did meet someone who knew exactly what I wanted regarding my bouquet!! I will post a seperate post regarding this as it is a story on it’s own 😀

And cakes.. oh my word.. some of those wedding cakes were out of this world! Nothing caught my eye, as I want something totally different. I don’t want a tiered caked nor cupcakes.. so this I am leaving in the hands of a dear colleaque/friend of mine.

So ladies, do not ever underestimate the value of going to a Wedding Expo! Even if you have already planned and decided on just about everything! You will not be dissappointed 😀

My gran bought me a cute golden clutch bag to put in my lip-ice, lipgloss, face-powder etc.. (I will upload a photo if this soon)


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