shiny gold card..

Gold Shimmer

Gold Shimmer

.. and no, unfortunately I don’t mean credit card 😛

I finally managed to scan in a sample of the gold cardboard I’ll be using for the making of the favours! Too bad the scan doesn’t do the paper justice..

Tomorrow I’ll be scouring some craft shops for the decor and for the rest of the day will be doing something non-wedding related: scrapbooking.. YAY!! :mrgreen:


darn this winter..

This cold is really putting a hamper on the wedding planning!

I really want to start doing my invites, but have not found the right paper yet 😦

Also didn’t feel like shopping around in this cold, so hopefully the sun will find it’s way back home to Sunny SA and thaw out these legs of mine so I can go SHOPPING!!

There is a plan B up my sleeve if I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for 😉

As for the favours, I seem to keep on changing my mind about the decorating of them, luckily there is still a lot of time to get them done. I have already started drawing and cutting out the templates, did about 24 so far.. Still about 100 to go 😕

I have found the PERFECT hairstyle!

Browsing the net today for some wedding hairstyles for long hair, I came upon the perfect hairstyle for me!! It will fit just perfectly with my medieval-style wedding dress.

I was looking for styles that will go with wearing a circlet.. but after seeing this one style, I am no longer going to get a circlet, as it will not fit with the hairstyle.. I am thinking of only putting little loose pearls on the loose hair at the back.

I can’t believe one can get so excited about a 😀

Unfortunately for those of you who want a peak, I have decided to not share the picture on this blog yet. So come back every now and again as I may change my mind and share it before the big day 😛

10 months and counting..

Although today is cold and misty outside, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Just 10 months from today I will be getting ready to become Mrs. Mans 😀

The only worry I have at the moment is that I have not yet found the blue paper we need for the invites 😦  We will be making it ourselves and I would like to get started on them and get them done before the end of this year.

The favours will also be made by us, and I have already started on the templates for those. I figured it will be best to get whatever we can done before the end of this year, then we can relax the last couple of months before our big day. I don’t want to run around with last minute preps about the “small” stuff..

And apart from that, the first 2 to 3 months in a year are very busy months for us and before we know it, we’re in April, and we are getting married the first weekend in May!