I have been super quiet on my blog.. looooong story.. sheesh.. but..


I can’t believe we only have 114 days to go!!

I went to see my dressmaker, Joanne, for our second visit last night, my mom and sis went with and we only left there 3 and a half hours later.. it was such a lovely visit. It was mainly to discuss my mom’s outfit and my sister’s dress (she’s my maitron of honour), who’s outfits will also be made by Joanne. We also needed to confirm a date as to when we will go and purchase the material.. The material hunting day is set for the 4th of February 2012.. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

As we were leaving to go home, I tripped on the last step and hurt my ankle..  went to the doctor this morning and he told me I torn a ligament in my foot.. OUCHY!! Now I have to wear an ankle-brace for 10 days.. no SHOE hunting till my foot’s better 😥

Our venue (Mellow Oaks on the Westrand, Gauteng) also contacted me today to confirm a meeting date, so we can discuss our menu option, flowers and decor choices.. and our meeting is on Valentine’s Day!!

As for the rest, everything seems to fall into place now, although at times it feels I’m forgetting something..


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