11 days.. OMW!! :)

Only 11 days to go.. WOW!! and ONLY 2 and a half days left at work, as I’ve taken 2 weeks off.

1 week after the wedding.. well.. for.. you know.. the Honeymoon 😉

1 week before the wedding as I thought I would use that time to finish up the favours and our wishing well.. but the venue wants everything on Monday the 30th of April when we have our final meeting to discuss numbers and oh boy.. the final cost of the venue 😀

So I called in my mom, gran and my sis and we finished the favours on Saturday.. Sunday I did the table names and started on the wishing well, which I finished last night.

Monday morning I went to pick up my shoes.. I had them covered in the same material as my dress, as it proved nearly impossible to match the colour AND have the style I wanted. In total (shoes, material, cover cost) my shoes did not even make the R200 mark, which I think is a pretty good deal 😉

Well let’s see what we still need to do..

Meeting with the pastor

Pick up Gavin’s clothes.. (our 7yr old son/ringbearer)

Final meeting with our attorney
Final meeting with our photographer

This weekend::
Finish the inserts for the ringboxes (Last year I bought two small wooden chests for our rings instead of the ringcushions)
Final meeting with the florist regarding bridal & MOH bouquets..

Next week::
Making the bouttonieres

Next weekend::
GETTING MARRIED and party~party~party!! 


14 April 2012 – What a fun day!!

Ok, so our Kitchen Tea / Tool Party was held on the 14th of April 2012..

My sister, who is my Maitron of Honor(MOH) really outdid herself, and offcourse EVERYONE else who helped her with all the planning and setup.

Saturday morning the initial plan was to take my sister and her daughter shoe shopping, as we still needed shoes for them for the wedding..

so I waited and waited because Lelanie(MOH) was supposed to pick me up at 9am.

FINALLY at 11:30am she and her hubby rocks up with a crown and blue cloak for Christie, my fiancé(fi), and a gold/brown medieval dress with a veil that looks like it belongs to the pope, for me!!

OH BOY!!  We got dressed and then my sis ‘messed-up’ my make-up!! 😡

Off we went..

first stop, intersection at KeyWest Mall’s entrance.. begged for some financial help.. then we went off to another intersection and did some more begging.

As if that wasn’t enough humiliation,  we were told we still need to get some meat and drinks for the party and we CANNOT wait in the car. And there they stop at a small shopping centre we call Rant-en-Dal Spar, where we usually go to buy bread and milk every other day, where I used to work some years ago, where people KNOW us!!

Straight to the butchery, I had my little treasure box with a note that said “Condom Kitty” so we got a lot of second and third and fourth looks!! At the butchery we had a nice chat with a really friendly elderly man, and he was actually the first person that told us that getting married is bliss, that married life is “LEKKER”.

Most people usually make snarky comments about getting married.. but you could see this man had/has a very happy marriage!!

Then we were off (by foot) to the liquor store..

on our way, we collected some more finances for our “condom kitty”..

In the store I decided we will definitely need to purchase some wine, as I could definitely do with some alcohol at the party that is still to come!!

Waiting in the cue,  someone asked us if we were on our way to Greensleeves.. hahahah  (now for those of you who don’t know, Greensleeves is a medieval themed restaurant on the Westrand, where you can also dress up and join in festivities the medieval way, which also includes a show)

I showed the lady our kitty and told her we’re getting married and those two (pointing to Lelanie & Corné) have made us dress up and follow them wherever they go. She laughed, and offcourse all the customers in the shop joined in.. BUT.. our kitty got some extra bucks!! :mrgreen:

After this escapade, we went to Monument dam, took some fun photos and chilled a bit, before going through to the venue.. Which was sooooo beatiful!!

It was at Rocky Aloe Lodge, right next to and looking over the Krugersdorp Game Reserve.

Lelanie and her team of helpers really brought in the medieval theme with all the decorations.. My gran did an amazing job with the castle and throne..

It was sooooo nice to have fi there as well.. he even got some pressies of his own, we had to guess what was inside and if wrong had to take a sip of mixed drinks (my sis went around and begged a little of each guest’s drink!!)

Fi seemed to guess all the kitchen-stuff right,so everyone joked about who really works in the kitchen in our house!! lol..

As we got engaged by ourselves last year, Lelanie made him ask me again infront
of everyone.. That was soooo sweet… he went on his knees and presented me with a white flower (one we picked from the dam earlier in the day) so offcourse I said YES again!!

We opened some more pressies, and then just enjoyed the rest of the party!!

Just a very warm hearty thanks to EVERYONE who made this day so special.

All the photos are on facebook : Click here 😀