11 days.. OMW!! :)

Only 11 days to go.. WOW!! and ONLY 2 and a half days left at work, as I’ve taken 2 weeks off.

1 week after the wedding.. well.. for.. you know.. the Honeymoon 😉

1 week before the wedding as I thought I would use that time to finish up the favours and our wishing well.. but the venue wants everything on Monday the 30th of April when we have our final meeting to discuss numbers and oh boy.. the final cost of the venue 😀

So I called in my mom, gran and my sis and we finished the favours on Saturday.. Sunday I did the table names and started on the wishing well, which I finished last night.

Monday morning I went to pick up my shoes.. I had them covered in the same material as my dress, as it proved nearly impossible to match the colour AND have the style I wanted. In total (shoes, material, cover cost) my shoes did not even make the R200 mark, which I think is a pretty good deal 😉

Well let’s see what we still need to do..

Meeting with the pastor

Pick up Gavin’s clothes.. (our 7yr old son/ringbearer)

Final meeting with our attorney
Final meeting with our photographer

This weekend::
Finish the inserts for the ringboxes (Last year I bought two small wooden chests for our rings instead of the ringcushions)
Final meeting with the florist regarding bridal & MOH bouquets..

Next week::
Making the bouttonieres

Next weekend::
GETTING MARRIED and party~party~party!! 


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