Our Wedding day | 5 May 2012

At 5:45am I was awaken by the sounds of roaring lions. WOW..

I sat up in bed and watched the sunrise through the window, waiting a while before letting my hubby-to-be know via sms how the lions woke me.We had a delicious breakfast with more than enough protein to get me through the day! After breakfast, me and Lelanie left for the venue.On arrival just before 11am, Lelanie got the bath ready for me, and whilst enjoying this little pleasure, she unpacked the rest of our things. When I entered the room, the first thing I saw was my wedding dress hanging against the wall.Then Magda, the hair lady, arrived. Just before she started on my hair, the photographer arrived. This was also the time when I took out my veil and showed it to my sister for the very first time, as she was under the impression that I was not wearing one at all!! Needless to say, some tears had to be swallowed back..

Hubby-to-be sms’d me to ask if I remembered getting pins for the boutonnieres, and he has reminded me NUMEROUS times during the previous week, and each day I forgot to get some. So needless to say, I did NOT remember to get any, but luckily soon-to-be-mother-in-law had some she could bring along 😉

When Rochelle, one of my best friends and make-up artist, arrived, that was the moment it started to really hit me.. Our wedding day has arrived!! From herewith on I had no clue what time it was and how fast it flew by.

Our coordinator (Driekie), provided by the venue, came around to introduce herself, and said she’ll be coming to fetch me soon. At this time I was already late, but I did not know.. no-one told me.. lol.. I only found out after the ceremony that I was about 20 minutes late!!

So into my dress I climbed 😉

As it was such a wonderful day, we took a stroll to the chapel, and I choked up when I saw my little boy in his suit.. all handsome and all-grown-up looking.. and he looked so proud to be there!! And oh my sister’s little girl, so cute in her blue dress with the flowing sleeves, which she enjoyed tremendously!!

The music started, in went the little ones, then my sister, the doors closed and I had to go stand under a light. My heart pounding, the doors opened and I saw my family and friends’ faces as I started walking down the aisle, and then I saw him. Standing there, smiling at me, looking so handsome in his black suit. We could not take our eyes of each other and finally he came to meet me halfway in the aisle.

The ceremony flew past, all of a sudden we had to exchange rings, then we did our sand-ceremony and all was done.. I’m so glad I had a friend videotape the ceremony, so I could actually listen to every word of it afterwards..

We cut the cake after signing the register, there was one double tiered cake (to cut) and the rest was chocolate-lined wafer baskets filled with cheesecake, topped with fruit..The guests enjoyed the cake with their welcome drinks, while we were having our photosession.

Arriving at the hall, we arranged to go by each table and posed for a group photo, before sitting down at the main table.

Starters were served immediately after grace and it was DEVINE!!

Avocado-mould served with Biltong.. mmm

All the toasts were done, and my sister pulled a good one as she arranged with two of my girlfriends to give back “their copies of our house keys” as Christie is married now and they cannot come and secretly visit him anymore.. 😀We then surprised our guests by BOTH of us speeching TOGETHER instead of just the groom. I don’t know who was more nervous. Finally after the speech we could relax and enjoy the rest of the night as all the formalities were done and dusted.Main course was buffet style. Roast Lamb with Mint Jelly, Traditional Chicken Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Baby Potatoes in Parsley Butter, Creamed Spinach, and a variety of salads.

After having the maincourse, which was so delicious!! We opened the dancefloor..

Christie chose the song and kept it a secret from me the whole time we were planning the wedding!! So when Juanita du Plessis’s “Engel van my hart” started to play, I had to seriously bite back some tears 😉We enjoyed a couple of dances before the bouquet and garter toss.

For the bouquet-toss I made a break-a-way bouquet, I had attached some charms on 10 roses, so when I threw it, the whole thing broke apart and a couple of woman caught some roses 🙂We then had our little garter show, where Christie took out numerous things before the actual garter 😉 We had a table ready, as he retrieved first a table-cloth, then some flowers in a vase, candles, a lighter, glasses and some wine and then finally the garter..After this, dessert was served.. and oh boy.. there is not a place that comes near to the way Mellow Oaks presents their dessert table. We had the choice of 4 desserts and then they added 6 more!! This was surely the highlight of the evening for every sweet tooth!

The two of us then joined the photographer outside for some night portraits.

Back at the hall, we danced and mingled until it was time to retire to the bridal suite.

Our continental breakfast for the next morning was already brought in and a table set for two 😉 Everything ready to enjoy the moment we woke up.

I can highly recommend Mellow Oaks as a venue, not just for weddings but any function!! Everything was done as we wished and it looked more amazing than we could ever have imagined.. We had such a blast!!

[Photos in this post are from various sources; me, guests, venue-photographer, and our official wedding photographer]


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