Our Engagement

We have been together for 5 years and I was eagerly awaiting the BIG question 😛

We where on holiday with some family in January/February 2011 at Margate. I mentioned that I would like to get up early one morning to take some sunrise pictures at the beach.

On the 30th of January 2011, Christie woke me up very early and said to get my gear. It was just the two of us that took the stroll down.

With the camera set up on the tripod, we sat on the beach, waiting for the sun to rise.

Just as the sun started to peek through the clouds over the ocean, Christie popped the question. And off course I said YES!!

Needless to say, not many pictures where taken of the sunrise that morning 😉 But I managed to capture us with the help of the tripod and 10sec timer, and running up and down a couple of times. 10 seconds ain’t a lot of time running bare foot on that sand!!

We walked along the beach then wrote our initials and date in the sand, before heading back to the holiday flat and enjoyed the rest of our holiday as an engaged couple!


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