Invites done!

Our invites are done and just about ready to be delivered/posted.

From both of us: Thanks to mom(Helene), granny and my sister (Lelanie) who came to help us out on Sunday the 25th of September.

And a special thanks to my cousins that just dropped by (what a lovely surprise!) and for just jumping in and helping us.. Thank you Marike and Werner, and not to forget Jaco with a quick visit as well!!

This past weekend I just did the final touches and we’re ready to go!!


What cold and miserable weather!!

It seems that even time has frozen as this week AND the last couple of winter days just don’t want to end.

We’ve started making our invites. Got some quotes on getting the printing done, but it seems it will be more cost effective to do the printing ourselves.

We are planning on taking the parents to see the venue on the 27th of August, I am very excited about that day! First up will be our son’s last pre-primary concert and after that we’ll be off to the venue. YAY 😀

I’m seriously hoping for some lovely weather by then, because I don’t know how much more of this cold I can handle.. 😕

China Mall Success!!

We went to China Mall this past Sunday and it was NOT in vain!

I have FINALLY found the blue cardboard I was looking for.. YAY! So we can finally start making the invites and then start working on the favours. I am super excited as I have made a final sample of the invite design last night and we are both happy with it 😀

darn this winter..

This cold is really putting a hamper on the wedding planning!

I really want to start doing my invites, but have not found the right paper yet 😦

Also didn’t feel like shopping around in this cold, so hopefully the sun will find it’s way back home to Sunny SA and thaw out these legs of mine so I can go SHOPPING!!

There is a plan B up my sleeve if I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for 😉

As for the favours, I seem to keep on changing my mind about the decorating of them, luckily there is still a lot of time to get them done. I have already started drawing and cutting out the templates, did about 24 so far.. Still about 100 to go 😕