I have been super quiet on my blog.. looooong story.. sheesh.. but..


I can’t believe we only have 114 days to go!!

I went to see my dressmaker, Joanne, for our second visit last night, my mom and sis went with and we only left there 3 and a half hours later.. it was such a lovely visit. It was mainly to discuss my mom’s outfit and my sister’s dress (she’s my maitron of honour), who’s outfits will also be made by Joanne. We also needed to confirm a date as to when we will go and purchase the material.. The material hunting day is set for the 4th of February 2012.. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

As we were leaving to go home, I tripped on the last step and hurt my ankle..  went to the doctor this morning and he told me I torn a ligament in my foot.. OUCHY!! Now I have to wear an ankle-brace for 10 days.. no SHOE hunting till my foot’s better 😥

Our venue (Mellow Oaks on the Westrand, Gauteng) also contacted me today to confirm a meeting date, so we can discuss our menu option, flowers and decor choices.. and our meeting is on Valentine’s Day!!

As for the rest, everything seems to fall into place now, although at times it feels I’m forgetting something..


4 months to go..

Looking at today’s date, it hit me, only 4 months to our big day!

I’m feeling overly excited and a little nervous (in a good way)

My mind’s reeling with all the little things and going over the lists to see if we missed anything.. but alas all seems to go according to plan.

It seems I can’t put to words all the things that’s going on in my head at the moment, so this will be all for today 😉

Invites done!

Our invites are done and just about ready to be delivered/posted.

From both of us: Thanks to mom(Helene), granny and my sister (Lelanie) who came to help us out on Sunday the 25th of September.

And a special thanks to my cousins that just dropped by (what a lovely surprise!) and for just jumping in and helping us.. Thank you Marike and Werner, and not to forget Jaco with a quick visit as well!!

This past weekend I just did the final touches and we’re ready to go!!

What cold and miserable weather!!

It seems that even time has frozen as this week AND the last couple of winter days just don’t want to end.

We’ve started making our invites. Got some quotes on getting the printing done, but it seems it will be more cost effective to do the printing ourselves.

We are planning on taking the parents to see the venue on the 27th of August, I am very excited about that day! First up will be our son’s last pre-primary concert and after that we’ll be off to the venue. YAY 😀

I’m seriously hoping for some lovely weather by then, because I don’t know how much more of this cold I can handle.. 😕

9 months..

As of today there are 9 months left before our special day 🙂

The last couple of weeks have flown by and according to the wedding checklist I’m using from ‘Perdekoop’, today marks the day for several things:

  • “Number Please” – collecting contact details and addresses of guests
  • “Save the Date” – send out “save the date” notices to your guests
  • “Colour Scheme & Mood” – choose the colour scheme and mood/theme of your wedding
  • “Book Service Providers” – incl. caterer, dj, florist, transport, marriage officer/pastor.. etc..
  • “Wedding Gown” – start the process of buying, ordering or making your dream dress
  • “Bridesmaid dresses & flower girl goodies” – choose or start making the dresses with plenty of time for a few fittings

So most of these have already been done and/or started a while back already 🙂
So here is my update:

  • “Number Please” –  Most of the invites will be delivered by hand, so I have started to collect phone numbers, to follow up on the RSVPs. I am using a very useful Guestlist Manager I have also downloaded from ‘Perdekoop’ (A link to this site can be found under my “Related Wedding Sites” list.
  • “Save the Date” – we have decided on not specifically making cards to send out. Everyone has already been informed of our date.
  • “Colour Scheme & Mood” – this has been decided even before the actual planning started.. heheh.. So this was ticked off long time ago.. yeah
  • “Book Service Providers” – The photographer was booked FIRST! The venue was second and was booked in March already!! And the venue includes the florist, caterer, decor and wedding night accommodation.  A load of stuff ticked off the list, months ago 😀 The pastor has to be confirmed, so we will sort this out over the following weeks.
  • “Wedding Gown” – another thing ticked of about three months ago already.. Have met up with my dressmaker who will be able to make my dream dress! We are going material shopping in January 2012!! And I CANNOT WAIT!!! 😆
  • “Bridesmaid dress & flower girl goodies” – my dressmaker will also be making the bridesmaid’s dress and the two flower girl dresses will be made by another dressmaker and my gran..

It feels really good to be ahead of this checklist, the next stop is 6 months, but most of those things have also been done. So no bridezilla here due to stressing out, not yet, anyway.. 😛

China Mall Success!!

We went to China Mall this past Sunday and it was NOT in vain!

I have FINALLY found the blue cardboard I was looking for.. YAY! So we can finally start making the invites and then start working on the favours. I am super excited as I have made a final sample of the invite design last night and we are both happy with it 😀

shiny gold card..

Gold Shimmer

Gold Shimmer

.. and no, unfortunately I don’t mean credit card 😛

I finally managed to scan in a sample of the gold cardboard I’ll be using for the making of the favours! Too bad the scan doesn’t do the paper justice..

Tomorrow I’ll be scouring some craft shops for the decor and for the rest of the day will be doing something non-wedding related: scrapbooking.. YAY!! :mrgreen: